Project Description
Ox is a mature 3D XNA game engine ready for use in your free or commercial project. It features a 3D scene system with a visual scene editor, a 2D gui system (also with its own editor), JigLibX physics, fully-integrated XNAnimation animation system, and C# game scripting system.

Praise for Ox
"...I just have to say extremely good work with this engine, it really is awesome, and saves me a lot of time. So far It's been very easy to work with, and I constantly find nice and helpful features..." - Torshall

Need to Improve Ox?
Ox is a community project. Remember that you're part of the development process! If you need a particular feature implemented, pull down the source, add the feature, then send post up the changes so that I can put them into the trunk!

Getting the Source Code
While Ox's installation program is still published here at CodePlex, the source is now hosted at Find it here -

Scroll down for the features list.

Primary Features
  • Composition-based design using "Components" and "Subcomponents".
  • Automatic content / component management system using "Domains".
  • Advanced, query-able scene system with optional quad or octree culling.
  • Intuitive and natural C# scripting system.
  • Data-driven editing systems via -
    • Visual GUI editor.
    • Visual scene editor.
    • Generalized game object editor.
  • Editor extension / customization framework.
  • Engine extension / customization framework.
  • Optimized for the Xbox 360.
  • Various useful game utilities (ResourcePool, FifiPool, IQueriableCollection, Ref, Traits, etc.)
  • Generalized Camera system with FOV and orthographic implementations.
  • An abstract vertex system for building...
  • Abstract 3D Geometry.
  • ManagedRenderTarget system for abstracting out RenderTarget and its operations.
  • Simple geometric primitives for quads, height maps, and boxes.
  • Static mutli-textured terrain.
  • Directional, ambient and point lighting.
  • Directional shadow mapping.
  • Fast PointSprite particle system.
  • Skybox system.
  • Reflective water with normal mapped waves.
  • Event-driven gui system with -
    • Capability to be driven with mouse / keyboard and the game pad
    • Optimized batched sprite drawing system (QuickSprite)
    • Dynamically skinnable component system.
    • MouseComponent, Button, Label, TextBox, FillBar, Panel, CheckBox, RadioButton
    • Portal (for connecting the gui system to your game play)
    • Dialog, MessageBox, VirtualKeyboard
  • A few simple demos, one of which is purely editor and script-driven.

And here's some screen shots :)

The scene editor in action -

The gui editor getting down -

The general editor looking plain, but useful -

The JigLibX getting... jiggy with it?

The XNAnimation exemplifying its bad self -

The water making waves -

The normal mapping materializing -

The particles doing their part -

Please check out the latest release of Ox to see if it can be useful for your project!

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