Initializing components

Sep 24, 2009 at 9:04 PM

I have a problem with the way Ox manages to create components. I'm trying to initialize Physic data (Hardcoded for the moment) in a model component (Subclass of StandardModelComponent with the name of the physic data initializator). I'm setting up the physic data in the component constructor and the problem is that at that time the component data have not been syncronized with the component token, so properties like position an orientation have the default value been imposible to set the physic body position.

I know that could use a script per component to setup physic data but that feels wrong for a simple collision body that have no logic. I like to know if there is another method to initialize data that depends on the component been fully syncronized (a initialize step called after syncronize would be great for the future) that don't need to create a script per component.

Thanks in advance.