Demo files

Nov 18, 2009 at 3:26 PM

Hey there, Im trying to learn how to use Ox and finding it quite hard. I cant seem to make sense of the demo files, the "GameDemo.cs" file contains the same code as the "Program.cs" file that I get automaticly when I create a new game. Is this normal?  Also, I havent found anything to do with loading terrain, or the ball, or anything that controls the positions of the scene objects(terrain and ball) or camera in there, even though when it runs, the demo is working fine.

How do I access the camera, and change it postion, settings etc?

Also, How do I change the position of Terrain? Iv created it in the scene that I made in the "Spinner" tutorial, but for some reason, wouldn't move it anywhere. even changing the position, in the edit panel, wouldn't work. Is there a way to do that in the code maybe? I would really like some help on this, as its very nice to have a visual helper like the editors to make a game with.

Also the in Oxsolutution(the engine's source) doesnt want to build: says "a project output type of class luibrary cannot be started directly" tells me to add an executable project to the solution with references to the library project. Not sure what to do with that :/ I managed to build the game demos when opened the solutions seperately though.