Starting Project - Need help

Dec 21, 2009 at 6:33 PM

Hi guys,

I've downloaded the OX Game Engine and the source code a week ago and started to understand how the engine works and how I must organize my project.

Now I understand "a bit" of the Engine but I have still some elementary major questions:

How should I setup the "Folder" structure in my Project (Where do I put the finished maps from the scene-editor, where do i put the modelfiles etc.)?

The scene-editor takes the files from the installation folder of the ox-engine (Ox Game Engine\Editors\Scene Editor\Content\Ox) but my Project is in the Project folder of Visual C# Express and the compiled files are in this Project folder (Project\bin\x86\Debug\Content\Ox\Models). I don't understand how to combine my files with the scene-editor..


Thx in advance!