Tutorials Apology.

Feb 19, 2010 at 12:13 PM

Well its been some time since i started attempting to write some tutorials. unfortunatley i spent a great deal of time on one part of it and didnt save then clsoed the computer down and lost the damned lot. as a result and so as not to waste any more time. im just going to post the project up. another reason im "chickening out" here is that ive learned that a lot of the coding practises that i was using are inefficient and incorrect.  the game works, and the physics and scripting principes are in fairly good order (although if someoneworks out how to fix the rotation problem on the bat i would be most grateful).  im working on another project with ox at the moment and am finding it difficult to concentrate on both. but when i have motivation and spare time, ill look at cleaning this project up. in the meantime here is the version as it stands.


any questions i will gladly answer