Release 34 - Complete Documentation + Refactoring

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Released: Aug 6, 2008
Updated: Aug 7, 2008 by bryanedds
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Release Notes

Changes -

Added documentation.
Changed the name of NullRenderTargetter to BackBufferRenderTargetter.
Removed some cruft from Ox.Example.
Cleaned up the example apps.
Fixed a dialog text bug.
Modified IPrimitive method names.
Got rid of OxAssert.
Renamed AbsoluteBoundingBoxBuilder to CloneBoundingBoxBuilder.
Renamed IDirectionalShadow.Map to ShadowMap.
Streamlined IGuiComponent's focus-switching API.
Changed the focus-switching API for IGuiComponent.
Changed the use of the word "raw" in the code base to "source".
Fixed several text bugs.
Made IQuickSprite, IBorder, IText not disposable.
Streamlined IVertices.
Added alernative constructors to Geometry.
Removed the used of GraphicsDevice as a parameter in all non-static Draw methods.
Cleaned up comments.
Removed VertexGeneric.
Removed VerticesGeneric.
Added VerticesPositionNormalTexture.
Fixed a bug in Geometry.
Changed Ox's vertex model to one more generic.
Added an indexer to ITerrainGrid.
Removed all warnings from the solution except the SceneEditor stuff.
Finished re-factoring the gui system.
Deleted a bunch of abstract classes from Ox.Services.Storage (Ox doesn't use abstract classes or implementation inheritance except as a last resort).
Deleted classes from Ox.Services.Storage that are too specific to be in the game engine at all.
Continued reformatting poorly formatted code (esp. removing #regions, since Ox doesn't use them except in rare cases).
Cleaned up unneeded gui events.
Renamed DefaultEffect to BaseEffect.
Renamed GuiComponent to AbstractGuiComponent.
Re-factored gui system to allow gui components to render themselves.
Removed use of #region in Ox.Core.
Reformatted code in FastMath to conform to standards a little better.
Removed PreDraw from ISceneRenderable and replaced with Draw(..., DrawMode.PreDraw).
Removed IQuickSpriteManager and IFlipSprite.
Made IQuickSpriteRenderer accessible from IOxServices.
Refactored the way fonts and text items work and work together.
Removed IOxCore.GetStringID.
Removed the use of string IDs in general.
Renamed PopulateCacheXXX to RefreshCacheXXX.
Added Disposed property to IDisposable2.
Moved BaseDoublyLinkedList out of Ox.Core (does not meet the standards to be in Ox.Core).
Further re-factored IOxComponent.
Refactored IOxComponent and restructured the required Ox application layout.

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