Release 49 - Docs, Editor Controls, Installer File

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Released: Feb 23, 2009
Updated: Feb 28, 2009 by bryanedds
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Application Ox Game Engine Installer
application, 30003K, uploaded Feb 24, 2009 - 207 downloads

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Source Code Ox Game Engine Source
source code, 35352K, uploaded Feb 24, 2009 - 177 downloads
Documentation Ox Game Engine Overview - *Critical Update* as of 2-28-09
documentation, 94K, uploaded Feb 28, 2009 - 104 downloads
Documentation Ox Game Engine Editor Guide - New as of 2-28-09
documentation, 68K, uploaded Feb 28, 2009 - 95 downloads

Release Notes

Several new things in this release -

A new document "Ox Game Engine Overview.doc" to help you get started.

A new document "Ox Game Engine Editor Guide.doc" to help you learn the editors.

An installer program to help you get your new game off the ground with -
  • Locally installed Ox .DLL files.
  • An Ox Game project template.
  • An Ox Script item template.
(See the new overview document for installation instructions)

Improved editor controls, especially in the Scene Editor.

Editor document changes -
These must be applied to all of the documents produced by the editors in order for them to work in the new release.
In gui document .xml files all <GuiComponentToken> tags have been replaced with <ComponentToken> tags.
In scene document .xml files all <SceneComponentToken> tags have been replaced with <ComponentToken> tags.
In scene document .xml files all <Rotation> tags have been replaced with <Orientation> tags.
ALL of Ox's out-of-box assets have been placed in a new folder called Ox/. You must hunt down all
of your asset file names in all of your documents and add Ox/ to the beginning of them. For example, change all -
to -
This goes for all of Ox's out-of-box Models, Textures, HeightMaps, Gui, and Effects. If you have trouble with the conversion, send the file to me and I'll change it for you :)

In OxConsts.xml, the <ContentRootDirectoryRelative> tag has been changed to <ContentRootDirectory> and now works with both relative and absolute paths.

And here are other minor changes that could affect you -
Removed CSkeletonBase from engine.
Renamed IOxEngine.RootComponent to Root.
OxComponents no longer automatically set their parent to the root component on construction.
Renamed (I)EularRotation to (I)EularOrientation, and renamed most of its properties and a couple of its methods.
Changed OnMouseWheelEvent to use wheel delta instead of direction.
Folded all the default document plug-ins into their respective parent project. For example, GuiDocumentPlugin project has been folded into the Ox.Gui project. This makes for a cleaner and simpler Visual Studio solution.
Created a new static Cast method which highlights explicit reference casts done inside Ox. I recommend you do all of your explicit reference casts with this method as well.
Removed a bunch of generics from classes in the editor framework.
Made camera face forward instead of backward by default in scene editor.

Good luck and feel free to contact me personally if you need help adapting your existing code to the changes!

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