Release 51 - Added Undo and Redo to Editors

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Updated: Mar 28, 2009 by bryanedds
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Release Notes

Finally got undo and redo working! Because of the recent addition of undo / redo functionality in the editors, their stability may be momentarily compromised. Please save often and report any crash bugs in the editors with as much detail as possible.

Here are the notable changes that went on this release -

Made HintPaths in Content.contentproj absolute.
Made HintPaths in GameTemplate.csproj absolute.
Removed unused ICloneable<T>.
Added abstract operation objects for use in editor undo / redo functionality.
Added undo / redo functionality to editors.
Added PrepareDragHook to MouseDragger to increase hook granularity.
Added parameter to OnSelectedChanged, OnPropertyChanged, and OnSelectedPropertyChanged events.
Renamed EditorFormWrapper.SaveAs to ActionSaveAs.
Renamed Ox/Gui/Component/Radio to Ox/Gui/Component/RadioButton.
Added the concept of a "proxy property" and "proxy token" to eliminate repetitive machinery (code) in ComponentTokens and SubcomponentTokens.
Updated all ComponentTokens to use the "proxy property" concept.
Fixed bug where multiple root components can be created in a RootedDocument.
Removed IList2, IRef, ITransferList, List2, and TransferList.
Changed ItemToken to an abstract class.
Changed tasks to use double instead of float to represent time.