Release 55 - Editor Tweaks and Breaking Changes

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Released: Apr 15, 2009
Updated: Apr 16, 2009 by bryanedds
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Release Notes

Wow, what a good thing it is to eat one's own dog food! I just now started using Ox to develop a game and a lot of little annoyances have been brought to my attention and resolved. I ticked the 3rd version number because of the amount of breaking changes involved in this release. Here are the most breaking changes -

Made Orientation in scene editor use degrees instead of radians. Update your scene documents accordingly!
Renamed SkinnedModelToken to SkinnedModelComponentToken. You must update all scene documents that use skinned models to use xsi:type="SkinnedModelComponentToken" instead of xsi:type="SkinnedModelToken".
Got rid of the document plugins. Now the type of components that can be created in documents are specified in the various BlahConsts.xml files.
The format of ALL the ?Consts.XML configuration files have changed and must be updated to the expected format. Additionally, a new configuration files GuiConsts.xml has been added. To see what the new format looks like, create a new Ox Game project after installing this release and inspect its Configuration/?Consts.xml files.
Removed use of the DefaultEngineConsts.xml file along with DefaultEngineConsts.cs. Delete this file in your projects.
Removed IGamePlugin since the engine is now created purely by reflection (using strings from the new OxConsts.XML format).
Removed unused IEquatable2.
Made Setup (the Ox installation program) no longer overwrite existing configuration XML files.

Here are the less notable (but possibly still breaking) changes -

Fixed problematic Script Template output.
Added quicker freezing manipulation control in editors.
Publicly exposed BaseProxyProperty.Name.
Added ability to specify component creation depth in the scene editor.
Removed ReleaseNotes folder (wasn't being updated, probably never will be consistently enough to justify its existence).
Changed documents to be written out with whitespace (for better diff'ing).
Fixed documented directions on building the Xbox 360 Ox Game Project.
Added error message in the editors instead of crashing with no messages.
Renamed ProxyEularOrientationProperty to ProxyDegreeOrientationProperty.
Fixed bug with point lights not affecting BasicModels and possible SkinnedModels.
Removed automatic reference drawing when minimal hardware isn't present.
Added freezing to editors (freezing makes components unselectable in the viewport).
Renamed BoundingBoxHelper.Extent to GetExtent.
Renamed BoundingBoxHelper.Center to GetCenter.
Added BoundingBoxHelper.GetScale.
Fixed ProxyEularOrientationProperty bug in scene editor.
Updated documentation to reflect design changes.
Renamed (I)GeometryBase to (I)GeometryComponent.
Renamed (I)GeometryEffectBatchBase to (I)GeometryEffectBatch.
Fixed the missing SAP collision detection in JigLibX's Xbox 360 build.
Renamed IInputRouter.GetMouseButton to GetMouseButtonState.

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