Release 59 - Bug Fixes, Small Features

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Released: May 3, 2009
Updated: May 12, 2009 by bryanedds
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Release Notes

- Update 5 -

Added <ReferenceDrawing> tag in OxConsts.xml. Adding this tag is purely optional.
Added encapsulation concept to scripted components with the OxConsts.xml <EncapsulateScriptedComponents> tag. Adding this tag is optional.
Updated existing unit tests to NUnit 2.5 Final.
Removed CollectionAlgorithm._WithParent variant
Simplified the way ComponentToken.CreateInstanceHook works.
Simplified the way SubcomponentToken.CreateInstanceHook works as well.
Fixed issue where tab button made gui focus move vertically rather than horizontally.
Made Visible property in IDrawableSceneComponent hierarchical.

- Update 4 -

Fixed a bug with using VirtualKeyboard and MessageBox not getting focus when shown.
Partially implemented a "scoping" concept for scripts and components in Ox. This implementation will not go any further until Ox 3.0, though.
Removed convenience getter methods from ComponentScript as this space will later be used to complete the "scoping" concept's implementation.
Replaced most uses of "" with string.Empty.
Renamed OxHelper.AppendGuid to AffixGuid.
Renamed OxHelper.AppendToken to AffixToken.
Renamed IMessageBox.Configure to Execute.

- Update 3 -

The Ox Game project template got broken without me knowing it. This is now fixed.

Also, the documentation XML generation got broken mysteriously. This caused documentation not to be available in Windows projects. This is fixed as well.

I also removed OxComponent and UpdateableComponent from the default SceneConsts.xml. They're really not useful in the scene editor.

- Update 2 -

I fixed the physics bug where the balls didn't rotate.

- Update -

Sigh at accidentally introducing bugs while fixing others... Apparently I broke the mouse input for the gui system in the previous version. This is now fixed...

I also completely removed audio stuff from Ox. Using XACT more in-depth has demonstrated there is no need for the small audio systems that Ox can provide. Basically, XACT's feature set makes Ox audio functionality superfluous.

- Initial Release -

Apparently Ox has had a major bug for a while that I did not know about. Basically, the names assigned to components / scripts in the editors weren't being assigned to them at play-time. This is fixed.

A user discovered a problem with the physics demos where they run slow at a higher framerate and friction seems to be non-existent. I presume this is due to breakage in JigLibX's new version I updated to recently. I've posted these bugs on JigLibX's bug list.

Changes notes -

Changed how to build the Setup project in documentation.
Added protected GetSibling to Subcomponent.
Moved AxisTriad to the left a little.
Fixed major bug in OxHelper.GenerateBoundingBox(...).
Fixed crash bug when not all domains are unloaded at shut down.
Added (I)InterleavedComponent as a point of extension for the GUI drawing system.
Privatized Services object behind IOxEngine and exposed it's functionality through forwarding methods (AddService(), RemoveService(), GetService(), etc).
Made IMouseComponent extend IInterleavedComponent.
Removed CollectionAlgorithm.Ascending.
Added ...WithParent variant to all CollectionAlgorithms.
Added an IDisposable base type clause to Transfer.
Renamed IGuiSystem.GuiEventsEnabled to EventsEnabled.
Fixed undo / redo bug when dragging a component outside the view port.
Fixed major GetComponent / GetScript bug.
Removed focus behavior definition from gui component tokens.
Added selection highlighting to gui editor.
Removed need to manually create domains.
Made garbage items dispose before the object that contains them.
Fixed bug with mouse layering.
Changed most Debug.Asserts/Fails to Trace.Asserts/Fails.
Added a hook specifically for destroying services in OxEngine subclasses.
Fixed some gui bugs.
Made physics pause when engine is paused.
Fixed bug where editor would crash later if the wrong type of document is tried to be loaded.
Fixed tree node expans

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