Release 60 - Polish and Fixes

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Released: May 21, 2009
Updated: May 23, 2009 by bryanedds
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Release Notes

No big new features here, just some polish to make the engine easier to use as well as some minor bug fixes.

Fixed bug where exceptions thrown in scene editor are not made visible to end-user.
Added generic GetEngine method to several classes.
Moved Ox.Scene.Spatial and all its types to Ox.Engine.Spatial.
Extracted (I)TransformableComponent from (I)SceneComponent.
Extracted TransformableComponentToken from SceneComponentToken.
Made TransformableComponent available to the general editor.
Renamed Subcomponent.Parent to Component.
Removed IContainQueriable.
Renamed Ox.Scene.Component.BoundingBoxVisualizerNamespace to BoundingBoxVisualization.
Finally moved (I)Material out to its own namespace.
Moved general document types to Ox.Engine.DocumentNamespace.General.
Moved IGuiSystem.PlayerInControl to IOxEngine.
Added OnPlayerInControlChanged to IOxEngine.
Changed IOxEngine.GetKeyboardState method to KeyboardState property.
Changed IOxEngine.GetGamePadState method to GamePadState property.
Changed IOxEngine.GetMouseState method to MouseState property.
Moved Ox.Scene.Helper's methods into Ox.Engine.MathNamespace.OxMathHelper.
Removed IOxEngine parameter from GuiSkinGroups constructor.
Fixed possible x64 bug in TreeViewExtension.
Fixed resource leak in SafeZone.
Renamed Ox.Engine.Task to TaskNamespace.
Removed IQuickSpriteBatch.Reset.
Renamed DistanceComparer to IDistanceComparer.
Changed static BoundingBoxHelper.CreateBoundingBox method into ToBoundingBox extension method.
Filled out definitions of exception classes.
Added optimization to all three collision systems to ignore collision tests between two immovable bodies.
Added IOxEngine.ReplaceService method.
Added IPanelView.
Changed IGuiViewFactory significantly.
Made GuiViewFactory work as a base class.
Encapsulated ITraits inside IOxComponent, exposing only the more useful trait capabilities.
Allowed type of trait to change dynamically.
Renamed GuiView.OnTraitsSetHook to OnTraitSetHook and removed its first parameter (now accessible by Parent property).
Made OnTraitEvent generic.
Stringized the IVertexFactory format parameter.
Changed VertexFactory into a base class.
Renamed IInputRouter.DirectionThreshHold to InputThreshold.
Changed the way Select Family works when used on a group.
Added convenience properties to ICamera.
Added convenience properties to ITransformableComponent.
Restructured GameTemplate.
Made OxConsts' <Platform> default to "Windows".
Streamlined IVertices.
Created generic Vertices base class.


Reviews for this release

This release is really good. Ups: Tons of features, very few gotchas, extremely well organised Downs: Shadows won't work on the Xbox360 Overall: Pretty damn good.
by simonjohnroberts on Jun 22, 2009 at 1:02 PM